From its inception until today, Palladian Communications Specialists is based on a philosophy of a broader quality that could be described as a commitment to fundamental values:

  • the optimal satisfaction of the requirements and expectations of its customers, but also the wider needs of those who use or are influenced by its services
  • the best possible coverage of the needs of its associates, its staff, but also of anyone else directly or indirectly affected by its activity
  • systematic monitoring and compliance at a high level of customer satisfaction
  • full compliance with legal or regulatory obligations and standards concerning it, as well as business ethics
  • monitoring the observance of the contractual obligations for the implementation of the projects in a timely and efficient manner
  • to ensure the required logistical and human resources for its optimal operation and the successful monitoring and completion of the projects undertaken
  • the technical and scientific excellence and innovation of its services
  • social responsibility for each of its projects and its results
  • taking all necessary precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of workers
  • the implementation of a program of continuous education and training of its staff
  • the implementation of a systematic quality control program in all phases of the company’s activity • the implementation of quality goals that it sets, through their effective management
  • the pursuit of continuous improvement of the company’s performance.

The management of Palladian Communications Specialists is committed to all stakeholders of the company, for the implementation and continuous improvement of the efficiency of the systems it implements, as well as for the provision of all financial, technical and human resources required for their proper implementation.

To achieve the above, the company has documented and implements a Quality Management System, in accordance with the requirements of the international standard EN ISO 9001: 2015 for Public Relations and the Organizing of Conferences, and a Management Adequacy System for Public Relations, according to requirements of the Greek standard ELOT 1435.

The Quality Management System and the Management Adequacy System are the tools for the development, improvement and further recognition of the company in the moving market and has the full support of the Management in terms of resources – means for their effective implementation and improvement.

The Quality Policy that the company has established is understood by all the staff and their fulfillment is their daily concern.

The Management of Palladian Communications Specialists is committed to the implementation and maintenance of the processes of the aforementioned systems.

George Lymperis, CEO

1st March 2021