Media monitoring – reporting

With us you will know what has been published, why it is important and how you can use it to obtain competitive advantage, as we continuously monitoring our client’s market and we concentrate on finding new ways to differentiate, create buzz and drive growth.

Palladian’s mission is to create measurable added value. In order for us to be effective we become the “eyes and ears” of the client in the market by monitoring these dialogues. Consequently a key feature of our philosophy is the continuous and cautious monitoring of the market and the media (traditional and new media). For this purpose we have developed certain tools that generate the appropriate pool for information extraction.

With Palladian’s monitoring tools you will gain access to what is being discussed, what is happening and who the major opinion leaders are.

Palladian identifies, evaluates and prioritizes these discussions and with relevant market information it develops ideas and opinions on their importance and transforms them into personalized and practical strategies for your business.

With Palladian you will know what has been published, why it is important and you will be able to use it in order to obtain competitive advantage.