Investor relations

A growing number of publically listed companies trust the experts for their investor relations. At Palladian, investor relation services are part of our corporate DNA, given that we were the first communication agency to provide this service in Greece.

Our ultimate goal is to minimize the capital costs providing the necessary information for investors to make a full evaluation of your stock.

Effective communication with your investors can create added value and increased demand for your shares with streamlined prices and a stronger multiplier. We achieve this by making sure that investors have accurate and on the spot information. We work with you in order to present a clear and convincing investment message which will address the financial community and will offer perspective and answer the question “why should I buy this stock?”

The range of our services also includes:

  • Setting up a web presence designed for informing investors
  • Drafting, preparing and promoting corporate annual reports
  • Designing company presentations
  • Managing/documenting presentations to analyst and investor meetings
  • Managing important interviews with the media
  • Managing issues of high importance including administrative changes