Nowadays corporations are judged
by the extent to which they incorporate
sustainability & corporate values and rules
in their day to day operation and conduct.

At the end of the day society/consumers expect from them to:

 Provide safe and healthy products

 Ensure equal treatment of their personnel

 Respect the environment

 Contribute to society in various ways through their profits

Corporations with active contribution to the communities
where they operate, benefit from local support when required.
This is not because the community feels that it has
an obligation towards the corporation but because
corporations with good and responsible corporate reputation
are more respectable, likable and trustworthy
in comparison with other institutions.

Through clever and effective CSR strategic communication, corporations can enhance
their development and highlight their commitment to the sustainability
of the communities in which they operate,
thus earning society’s approval.

Palladian helps corporations to identify and choose the best possible strategy,
in order to contribute to the everyday life of the community.

Each and every program
is tailored to the
clients’ needs.

We help corporations to match their best features
and expertise with the
corresponding needs of their communities.
The result is a comprehensive program that
equally benefits the community and
the corporation.