Crisis management

Our commitment to providing the fullest possible to our clients during a crisis is one of the things that make Palladian unique. We help our clients to fortify their business, prepare for the worst case scenario, secure access to credible and timely information and to react in an orderly and effective way to an eventual crisis so that they can protect and, ideally, enhance their reputation.

We understand that a crisis can be a “defining moment” for a corporation, but we believe that every crisis also creates an opportunity. Therefore we can help you both proactively, by ensuring that your employees are ready to face a challenge, as well as during a crisis by putting at your disposal a team of well trained and experienced professionals.

Our range of services includes:

  • Evaluation and prioritization of potential threats – risk assessment
  • Preparation / adaptation of a crisis manual
  • Personnel training
  • Media Training
  • Crisis simulation exercises
  • Re-activate crisis management

In such cases our clients are not specified for purposes of confidentiality. Many leading companies in their field utilize and continue to trust our team for the preparation and management of a crisis.