Our commitment to providing
our clients with turn-key solutions for
handling a crisis is one of the key elements
for our exemplary track record in the field.

We help our clients to fortify their business, prepare for the worst-case scenario, secure access to credible and timely information and lay out detailed reaction scenarios for an overall effective and efficient way to handle an eventual crisis, protecting, or even enhancing their reputation.

We understand

that a crisis can be a “defining moment” for a corporation,

but we believe

that every crisis also creates an opportunity.

Therefore, we can help clients both proactively
by ensuring that their designated employees
are ready to face any challenge at hand,
as well as reactively, during a crisis,
by offering a fully-functional team of well trained
and experienced professionals, with a portfolio
consisting of several major similar projects.

Our Range of
Services includes

  • Evaluation and prioritization of potential threats – risk assessment
  • Preparation / adaptation of a crisis manual
  • Preparation of message library
  • Personnel training
  • Media Training
  • Crisis simulation exercises
  • Post-crisis evaluation
  • Re-activate crisis management

For such projects, we are unable to disclose our clients for confidentiality reasons.
However, several leading Greek and Multinational companies, each leading
their respective field, have trusted Palladian for the preparation and
management of a crisis.