are bound
& subject
to their reputation.

What we say and do, or neglect to say and do, as well as the principles with which we identify, shape our reputation. This in turn affects the effectiveness, and efficiency of our activity, as well as our overall performance.

Corporate reputation is a very fragile intangible asset, and is one of the leading Key Performance Indicators for measuring the success of an organization. For this very reason, being proactive in shaping corporate reputation is key.

In a constantly changing global community,
in a complex environment where rapid decisions
with limited resources are required, communication
with your target audience requires careful planning
tailor-made communication campaigns, and projects on behalf
in-depth analysis of all available intelligence

and vigilant alertness.

To all of us here at Palladian
building trust is the cornerstone of any
company’s communication strategy.

In this light, we work closely with our clients, in order to maintain, protect,
and promote their messaging and corporate values, by enabling employees,
expanding customer loyalty, building liaisons with authorities
and local communities, changing perceptions and
influencing developments.

Palladian formulates communication strategy for each client by following
the steps outlined below: