Corporate communications strategy

Organizations are captives of their reputation. What we say and do or neglect to say and do, as well as the principles with which we identify, shape our reputation which in turn affects the effectiveness of our actions, even the performance of our investments. Corporate reputation is a very fragile intangible asset and is the most important measure of success for an organization. This is why we should not be passive recipients but we must seek to shape the corporate reputation ourselves.

In a constantly changing global community, in a complex environment where rapid decisions with limited resources are required, communication with your target group requires careful planning, in depth analysis of the facts and alertness. This is especially true at a time when companies are becoming more visible and the messages that consumers receive every day are more than they absorb.

Guided by the principle that building trust is the cornerstone of a company’s communication, we work closely with our clients in order to maintain, protect and promote their messages and corporate values by enabling employees, expanding customer loyalty, building bridges with authorities and local communities, changing perceptions and influencing developments. Palladian shapes the communication strategy of each and every client based on the following steps:

  • Public opinion research
  • Identification of target groups
  • Elaboration of significant messages
  • Development of an integrated communication plan
  • Continuous evaluation of results