Palladian Communication Specialists is one of the foremost
Greek Communications Services Firms, founded in Athens Greece in 2001,
and specializing in:

Communication strategy

Media Relations

Public affairs

Crisis & issues

Conferences & Events

As of 2005, Palladian,
has been an active member of the
Hellenic Association of Communication Agencies.

Our team comprises of 26 experienced consultants and industry specialists,
with in-depth knowledge in communication that essentially offers a complete
services toolbox, ready to be utilized for a versatile array of projects.

Our mission is to dedicate ourselves to our clients’ needs,
providing fully integrated communications services that
incorporate multiple touch points and various “tools”.

Thus, we have successfully planned and coordinated a number of
tailor-made communication campaigns, and projects on behalf
of major Greek and multinational clients.

Focusing on strategic services, with our clients’ long-term benefit at the forefront, our very name was inspired by the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom and strategy, “Pallas Athina”.

To us safeguarding reputation
& promoting public relations
must be inseparable in
a communication mix that will
help us manage our clients