About us

Palladian Communications Specialists is a leading public relations firm founded in 2001. Taking our name from the ancient Greek goddess “Pallas Athina” who is associated with wisdom and strategy, we are an agency specializing in communication strategy development, media relations, public affairs and crisis and issues management.

We are a team of 22 experienced consultants and industry specialists and we are members of the Hellenic Association of Communication Agencies since 2005.

The members of our team are working with passion and effort, always with a client-centric approach, trying to be the “eyes and the ears” of our clients in the market. We have strategically designed and implemented a number of successful and tailor made communication campaigns on behalf of our clients for a series of “delicate” issues. We are consulting our clients, give them the path on the way to address their needs and reach their goals by cooperating with them, as their trusted partner. Keeping in mind that reputation & public relations are inseparably, our primary goal is to bridge the communication gap in a highly interactive environment and communicate the message of our clients in the most effective way. We are driven by the value of “trust” and our development is based on a broader set of supporting skills. We use a variety of online and off line PR tools, such as investigative journalism, intensive research, third party opinion articles, extensive use of social media, public affairs activities etc, to design effective integrated campaigns and create long lasting relationships. As a result, we have managed to change the public’s perceptions, shift opinions and influence developments. Moreover, we have organized successful experiential and high end events in order to promote our client’s views and ensure the best measurable results for them.

Our specialties:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Original ideas and the ability to transform them into effective campaigns
  • Groundbreaking social media tools
  • An extensive network of close ties with opinion formers
  • A long track record of successful media campaigns on a series of delicate issues which changes perceptions and influenced developments